New Exclusive Demo Over on

Hey Guys, there’s Exclusive demo over on  for Episode 2 The Zombie King. It Leaves Eva After Saving Ethan and Mary. In the Exclusive Demo, you Must Save Demon Eva, Tony, Rocko, and Brahman.

Please enjoy the Exclusive Demo 😀 ! Next Will Be the Full Graveyard Update: Which will Include: Start of The Game- All the way Escaping the Graveyard With Everyone. Until  Next Time Have a Fangtastic day or night wherever you live bye bye  😀 -QueenGamerVampires


Episode 2 The Zombie King Exclusive Demo


Our Next Project After Episode 2

This Will Take A Certain twist on how we Make our RPG series as a whole. Only this time your not playing as the main cast.. Your gonna play alongside the cast. For you are the Assistant Teacher who is a human (Male or Female) at A Monster Finishing school and your job is more than just teach these fellow Monster Students. For these students, are the kids of  Dragula, Death, Evil Jack, and much more. What Awaits For Our Assistant Teacher at this School? Find out Soon. -QueenGamerVampire and Razorhog444

Cast Include: 

> Eva The Vampire (QueenGamerVampires as Himself as The Vampire Queen)

> Eran The Vampire (Ethan as A Girl Vampire)

> Toni The Zombie (Tony As A Girl Zombie)

> Willow The Werewolf ( My Friend Will  As A Girl Werewolf)

> Rockette The Hell Hound  (My Dog Rocko as A Girl Hell Hound)

> Brasmine The Werewolf (My Buddy GameBrahman as A Girl Werewolf)

> Mrs Ultimate as Death’s Daughter (Her Nickname Will Be DJ) (My Friend MisterUlitmate As Death’s Daughter)

> Jacqueline The Mummy (My Good Friend Mr. Jaker As A Girl Mummy)

> Mary The Demon (Mary As HerSelf… Oh Wait Did I just Spoil A Future Episode)

> Razelle The Phantom (Razorhog444 as A Girl Phantom)

> Demon Eva The Demon (As Herself as A Secret Unlockable character) But Still in The Game Somewhere????