Save Brahman

Looks Like Brahman Could use some help. Let’s Protect him while he fixes his gun. While we try to stab some zombies with Survival Knives. Remember to Bring a lot of them with you. Unless however, you wanna press those buttons over there. I Wouldn’t recommend it though it could take the fun outta everything.


Graveyard Portal #6

It’s time To Save Razor! Wait Where is he? Why Is He In A Snow land Portal in The Graveyard portal! Well here is Area one of Graveyard portal #6. Area 2 Will Have Razor in it.Oh before i forget! Your not alone out here! A New Breed of Zombies have Taken over the Portal. The m4017 Zombie has taken over this Area and Area 2. They Can’t be killed by anything. Not Even the Survival knife can defeat them. I Wonder who Unleashed the m4017 Zombies in Portal? Sabrina? Nah. Sabrina isn’t that Smart. Then Who? Eva might know who did this. Does The S.E Ring Any bells? Oh Another thing Battles Have Came back to the game in this Portal since its almost time to leave the Graveyard.


Graveyard Portal #6 Area 1

New Exclusive Demo Over on

Hey Guys, there’s Exclusive demo over on  for Episode 2 The Zombie King. It Leaves Eva After Saving Ethan and Mary. In the Exclusive Demo, you Must Save Demon Eva, Tony, Rocko, and Brahman.

Please enjoy the Exclusive Demo 😀 ! Next Will Be the Full Graveyard Update: Which will Include: Start of The Game- All the way Escaping the Graveyard With Everyone. Until  Next Time Have a Fangtastic day or night wherever you live bye bye  😀 -QueenGamerVampires


Episode 2 The Zombie King Exclusive Demo