Legend of The Vampire Queen Episode 2: The Future and The Corrupted (Sneak Peek)

Legend of The Vampire Queen Episode 2: The Future and The Corrupted (Sneak Peek)

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Today We at Legend of The Vampire Queen Bring you another Sneak of The long await episode 2. Don’t worry we are working hard on it hopefully we can get it finished by the end of the year. No promises though. But till then we give you this sneak peek. Enjoy c;

The Impending Future Ahead….

Hello everyone, QueenGamerVampires here part of The LOTVQ Team!

I’m here to tell you about a very important Update and regarding our games coming (That’s long overdue) we are sorry for that,

For Starters, I got together with my team and discussed a few things. We have decided to expand our series to new engines. We also Decided to expand our games (Coming soon) to different sites that we can share with u guys. As The creator of this fangtastic series, i am allowed to tell you guys what engines we are going to expanding to. Those Lucky Game Engines are the Following:

  • Unity (Alternate Timelines)

  • Gameguru (Corrupted Timelines)

  • Unreal Engine (Corrupted Universe)

  • Leadwerks (Alternate Universe)

We are still Gonna Rpg Maker Mv for Our Main Game (Huge Number titles). I have listed the engines above and put in ( )’s show you guys what we gonna use these for.

We Can’t wait to make this Series shine above the stars (We hope so at least). We are still working on Episode 2 and Wrath of The Vampire Queen Episode 1: Blood Moon Curse At the moment. You see there’s a Reason for that. I can carefully explain the reason. The reason is that we want these games to be linked together (not by just story or title) but by adding apart of a game into another game like for example: There’s a code in wrath of the vampire Queen that only works in Episode 2 (For somethng special that gives u more insight of the next episode to come). Another Example: There’s a code in Episode 2 that only works in  Wrath of the Vampire Queen Episode 1  or something around those lines.  We Trying very hard to make these games very good and more fun than ever before. Hopefully Expanding our games to different engines will give more insight to maybe Possibly making a second series to LOTVQ. We cant deny or confirm there will be a second series related to LOTVQ But we can all hope for that to come to light one-day right 🙂 .  So Anyways i will i said enough without giving too much away lol (probably did lol) But I do want to say more thing before I go though.  If u guys are interested on seeing Wrath of the Vampire Queen Episode 1: Blood Moon its oN Razorhog444’s channel here’s the link to video >>>>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VysRhG1PgQ8&t=716s    Razorhog444 will be getting ever New Release of Wrath of The Vampire Queen Episode 1 : Blood Moon Curse and He will be recording it for his. So if u want to see the game and how it develops over time as we build/make it check his channel out. Here’s his channel link >>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhYz7bLdZPyO6sc2vGnxfA

Things are changing Big on Episode 2 The Zombie King

There’s a lot of big changes coming to Episode 2 The Zombie King Graveyard that may change on how the game is played. We don’t wanna give too much away but we can say  is this, For one ur gonna have to buy ur skills from a learn skill menu so ur gonna have to balance ur money a lot more on far as what ur gonna need to survive as far items vs skills. Also The Characters will no longer be able to learn skills as far leveling up goes.  But the skills in the lean skill menu will be cost a lot of gold anywhere to  500 gold to maybe around 6000 gold we dont know for sure. Also we are adding new icons for spells and moves for the characters. the Icons came from yanfly’s website. So everything will new and different when the full graveyard launches c; and even though we said there was a release date but we maybe not reach that date in time and we dont wanna release an unfinished build. So we will keep you informed on when there’s release date. But fear not the game will more polished and etc. So until next have a fangtastic day or night wherever u live bye bye.