Things are changing Big on Episode 2 The Zombie King

There’s a lot of big changes coming to Episode 2 The Zombie King Graveyard that may change on how the game is played. We don’t wanna give too much away but we can say  is this, For one ur gonna have to buy ur skills from a learn skill menu so ur gonna have to balance ur money a lot more on far as what ur gonna need to survive as far items vs skills. Also The Characters will no longer be able to learn skills as far leveling up goes.  But the skills in the lean skill menu will be cost a lot of gold anywhere to  500 gold to maybe around 6000 gold we dont know for sure. Also we are adding new icons for spells and moves for the characters. the Icons came from yanfly’s website. So everything will new and different when the full graveyard launches c; and even though we said there was a release date but we maybe not reach that date in time and we dont wanna release an unfinished build. So we will keep you informed on when there’s release date. But fear not the game will more polished and etc. So until next have a fangtastic day or night wherever u live bye bye.

The Release of the Full Graveyard update will be pushed back

Hey there, We are pushing back the release of the Full Graveyard because we added something new into the game that night be really cool to use. The thing we that we added into the game is plugin made by Yanfly. Which will allow you to learn skills through the game with the use of gold. Which we are really excited to add to the game cause that opens alot of doors for the release of the full graveyard. All though we are currently working on adding some new skils in the game through that menu that we have decided to push back the update Alitte longer until we added some good skills into that learn skill menu.  We can give an  estimated release on when it might be ready but that is up in the air. We should have the full graveyard update ready and rocking by the week of the 18th of March.

Until then here a Screenshot of the Whole Group in the cabin ready to make their way out of the graveyard.

Ps. We will be posting New updates on and how the game is coming along 😉 So stay tuned for that.


The whole Group Back Together!

The whole Group Back Together!

Full Graveyard Update Title Screen

The Title Screen has been changed to The Current build that will be released soon. So we decided to do that for all different builds of the game that release to our fans and followers!

So here’s a screenshot of the title screen in all its glory!

Full Graveyard Title Screen

Full Graveyard Title Screen

Also, Our Game Jolt Game page for Episode 2 has changed too!

Have a look!

New Gamejolt Thumbnail for Episode 2!

New Gamejolt Thumbnail for Episode 2!

The Full Graveyard Update is…

Hello there, Just want to get this out and say the full graveyard update is just bout done. All We have  to do is a few major things and few minor and change the Custom Title Screen to Say Full

Graveyard update. Then the full graveyard update will launch hopefully sometime next week. Somewhere or either or the day of the 20,21,22,23,24,25. Cant tell the exact date yet but its looking to be one of those days mention above.  When the Full Graveyard update is released it will be on Gamejolt and Dropbox. 🙂 Sorry we haven’t been posting much on any of social media or The website but Life does get in the way alot and i know that excuse gets used alot but we trying our best to move this game forward without rushing it. Until then here’s a Screenshot for the Upcoming Full Graveyard Update.

Oh Btw Little hint for you Fans out there: Someone comes back from Episode 1 and it’s not A Bad Guy.



Save Brahman

Looks Like Brahman Could use some help. Let’s Protect him while he fixes his gun. While we try to stab some zombies with Survival Knives. Remember to Bring a lot of them with you. Unless however, you wanna press those buttons over there. I Wouldn’t recommend it though it could take the fun outta everything.


Graveyard Portal #6

It’s time To Save Razor! Wait Where is he? Why Is He In A Snow land Portal in The Graveyard portal! Well here is Area one of Graveyard portal #6. Area 2 Will Have Razor in it.Oh before i forget! Your not alone out here! A New Breed of Zombies have Taken over the Portal. The m4017 Zombie has taken over this Area and Area 2. They Can’t be killed by anything. Not Even the Survival knife can defeat them. I Wonder who Unleashed the m4017 Zombies in Portal? Sabrina? Nah. Sabrina isn’t that Smart. Then Who? Eva might know who did this. Does The S.E Ring Any bells? Oh Another thing Battles Have Came back to the game in this Portal since its almost time to leave the Graveyard.


Graveyard Portal #6 Area 1