The Farewell Build of Wrath 2 (Last Build in Unity)

Welp, I Was very Hesitant on uploading this Last Build of Wrath 2 in The Unity Engine, But here it is, The Last Build of Wrath 2 in The Unity Engine. Please note: Chapter 2 has no boss yet and has no way to the boss in chapter 2. But The Rest of the Game should work and yes u can play/explore in Chapter 2 if u like, just know Chapter 2 is not fully done yet. Also the project isnt cancel by no means just moved all projects to the Unreal Engine. So Enjoy ย This Last Build of Wrath 2 in The Unity Engine. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Unreal Engine for Wrath 2 is gonna so much better just wait XDย 

Download the Farewell Build of Wrath of the Vampire Queen Episode 2 here >>>>

We Are Back on Patreon!

You Heard that Right! We finally back on Patreon and ready to dish out some fangtastic content for those wish to support our work further. If you wish to support us on patreon here’s The Link >>> QueenCraft Studios is creating Games | Patreon Thank you all for have supported us this far, we greatly appreciate it :). Stay Tuned for more Fangtastic content. Also worth mentioning that screenshots will be posted on the Website still but wip videos and little clips will no longer be on the website starting tonight or today depending on the time, they be on patreon along with trailers and whatnot. Anyways have a good night/day ๐Ÿ™‚

Bugs and fixes will

So in recent of events of watching @Szamerm playing my game Wrath of The Vampire Queen. I’m gonna update and fix some bugs in the game so it runs smoothly. Thank u @Szamerm ๐Ÿ™‚ #gamingdev #gamingdevelopment #gamedevoloper #gamedev #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #indiegaming #indie #indiehorrorgame #indiehorror #indiegaming #indiedeveloper #indiedev #indiegamedev #horrorgame