Hello QueenGamerVampires The Vampire Queen here, But my Real name is Eva.  


The Vampire Queen

I always wanted to tell my own story. My own Legendary tale in a game. But I never knew how to back then.  Around the end of December of 2014, I decided to make that dream happen. So I bought My first Rpg Maker creator called Rpg Maker VX Ace. At First, When i dove right  into the program i was like i there’s no way i could this. But As i looked more into the program I Was beginning to learn more and more about how to go about using the program. Months passed. When it came to May 15,2015 I had uploaded my first Game from Vx Ace onto game jolt. Here are some In-game pics of Episode 1:


castle-ep-1 ghost-world oakplague-mansion the-beach-ep-1 legend-of-the-vampire-queen1