Hello QueenGamerVampires The Vampire Queen here, But my Real name is Kevin.  


The Vampire Queen

I always wanted to tell my own story. My own Legendary tale in a game. But I never knew how to back then.  Around the end of December of 2014, I decided to make that dream happen. So I bought My first Rpg Maker creator called Rpg Maker VX Ace. At First, When i dove right  into the program i was like i there’s no way i could this. But As i looked more into the program I Was beginning to learn more and more about how to go about using the program. Months passed. When it came to May 15,2015 I had uploaded my first Game from Vx Ace onto game jolt. Here are some In-game pics of Episode 1:


castle-ep-1 ghost-world oakplague-mansion the-beach-ep-1 legend-of-the-vampire-queen1

But I did have Help on Making The First Episode come to life. I Had Help From Razorhog444. Bless his heart and soul.


The Horror Expert

He Has Helped me so much on making the Episode come to life. If wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have Finished episode 1 the Right way. IF you Want to Check out Razorhog444, Check him out here, here or here.  So Anyways.. As I got better with VX Ace my games got better and course i had help (Razorhog444). Around The Same Month As i uploaded The First Episode I Started to Work on The Next Episode. The Halloween Special! Which Carries on the Story From Episode 1. When I was developing The Halloween Special With Razorhog444 we decided that The Halloween Special needed to have a twist or some sorts. So We as a team started to add twists and more depth to my.. well I should say our story to make the game tell more of a story. Then When August came around I release The Full Game of The Halloween Special! Here’s Are some pics from in-game:

swamp-ep-halloween-special razors-room-ep-halloween-special outside-ep-halloween-special cabin-ep-halloween-special legend-of-the-vampires-queen-hp

So With The Halloween Special and Episode behind me and under my belt.. Your Probably Wondering Where could I go with the series next other than Episode 2? Right? Wrong! Razorhog444 and i Decided we should make A Christmas Special! Which We. It Took Awhile to make it cause we added different things such as New Character models new approaches for the series as a whole. But in the Long run, it worked to our liking. So on December 1st of 2015, The Christmas Special was released. Even though we worked on it for months on end it Still Felt We could have done a better job on it. But i think it turned out the way we wanted to at the time or Least We thought it did. Here Are Some Pictures of The Christmas Special:

a-frosty-morning-mansion-outside-ep-cs evas-hideout-cs inside-vamps-mind-ep-cs main-screen-ep-cs queen-vamps-room-nightmare-ep-cs the-cabin-ep-cs

So As Time went back. I Started to Have doubts about my work as a Rpg Maker Dev because of how quickly i was releasing the games and how sloppy they looked. I Felt so ashamed of my Work. I thought they would never get out there and get noticed (Which isn’t the point to making a game or telling a tale or story). The real of point of making a game is to  the continue the story and do what you love doing. When I was told this I got more confidence in my work and my Previous work got more downloads and more views over time which encouraged me to continue the story and continue to tell my tale As the Vampire Queen. Toward The End OF 2015 A Rpg Maker Software came out called Rpg Maker MV! So i Was Thinking to Myself (What if i start Episode 2 on Rpg Maker MV and make the Series start out with A Boom on The new Software). I told Razorhog444 about the idea he loved the idea. So We Start Workin on Episode 2. But As 2016 Started I Had to Go to School.. Not Normal like as in School like normal. I went To A Film School. Where teach the art of film and media and sorts. With School In The Way and not even time in the world to Actually get Episode 2 going. i Sort of Abandon Episode 2 and left it for dead.. Which Got me Hella depressed and mentally down. So Later that year toward the end of June of 2016. I quit the school cause my Work on Episode 2 was far more important than going to learn about Film and media at the time. Which Don’t get wrong The people were all nice and friendly it’s just i couldn’t mentally handle that the time with Family Issues , My Game Series, and my Youtube on the line i needed to leave. So In June i got back full swing into working on Episode 2 with Razorhog444 but it Didn’t last that long.. Once again Hi lost the will  to Work on Episode 2. I Don’t know that happened but it just kinda did.. So Toward the end of 2016 I vowed To Work on Episode 2 Til it Was done,Tested and ready to Launch. SO Here We are caught up to Where we are currently in Time c; Episode 2 Is coming together swimmingly. I Vow From This  day forward I will Not Give up on the series til it is done. Before i say goodbye to you the viewer of this Page here are some Pictures of Episode 2 The Zombie King:

an-importance ep2-custom-title-screen-2 ep2-custom-title-screen eva-all-alone game-over-screen joshs-store-1 nightmare-2 secret-cave shadow-eva-explains-it shadow-evas-apperance shadow-evas-wipes-you-from-exsistence the-resurrected-graveyard the-truth-is-revealed

Well Thats All For Now! I Hope You Enjoy Our Games that we have out Now and Games To Come. Please Have a Fangtastic day Or Night Whereever you live bye bye!

QueenGamerVampires And Razorhog444