The Release of the Full Graveyard update will be pushed back

Hey there, We are pushing back the release of the Full Graveyard because we added something new into the game that night be really cool to use. The thing we that we added into the game is plugin made by Yanfly. Which will allow you to learn skills through the game with the use of gold. Which we are really excited to add to the game cause that opens alot of doors for the release of the full graveyard. All though we are currently working on adding some new skils in the game through that menu that we have decided to push back the update Alitte longer until we added some good skills into that learn skill menu.  We can give an  estimated release on when it might be ready but that is up in the air. We should have the full graveyard update ready and rocking by the week of the 18th of March.

Until then here a Screenshot of the Whole Group in the cabin ready to make their way out of the graveyard.

Ps. We will be posting New updates on and how the game is coming along 😉 So stay tuned for that.


The whole Group Back Together!

The whole Group Back Together!

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