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If you Want to Play Wrath of The Vampire Queen Episode 1: Bloodmoon Curse Now you can download it It From Here >>>> (Gamejolt)    (Itch.io) 

If you want to play the Full Graveyard Update of Episode 2 Now, Look on Indiedb There’s A Demo Build of The Full Graveyard update. (Warning the build on There might still be buggy) We Still Working on Episode 2 in Unity as We Speak. As Well As Wrath of the Vampire Queen Episode 2.

Extra Chapter For Episode 1 Of Legend Of The Vampire Queen:

Killer Mannequins:

Bonus Episode 1: Bat To School

This Will Take A Certain twist on how we Make our RPG series as a whole. Only this time your not playing as the main cast.. Your gonna play alongside the cast. For you are the Assistant Teacher who is a human (Male or Female) at A Monster Finishing school and your job is more than just teach these fellow Monster Students. For these students, are the kids of  Dragula, Evil Jack, and much more. What Awaits For Our Assistant Teacher at this School? Find out Soon.

Cast Include: 

> Eva The Vampire (QueenGamerVampires as Himself as The Vampire Queen)

> Eran The Vampire (Ethan as A Girl Vampire)

> Toni The Zombie (Tony As A Girl Zombie)

> Righty The Werewolf ( My Friend Left As A Girl Werewolf)

> Rockette The Hell Hound  (My Dog Rocko as A Girl Hell Hound)

> Willow The Werewolf (My Friend Will as A Girl Werewolf)

> Jacqueline The Mummy (My Good Friend Mr. Jaker As A Girl Mummy)

> Mary The Demon (Mary As HerSelf… Oh Wait Did I just Spoil A Future Episode)

> Terra The Werepire (My buddy Terren as A Girl Half Vampire and Half WereWolf)

> Demon Eva The Demon (As Herself as A Secret Unlockable character) But Still in The Game Somewhere????

> Lily The Ying and Yang Okami (Lilith is The Darker Half) (My Friend Seta As Herself)

Extra Chapter For Episode 2 Of Legend Of The Vampire Queen:

The Zombie King:

Bonus Episode 2: The Staff OF Seasons

This Bonus Episode is About Lonely Vampire Queen Named Queen Eva. She Always sits alone atop of A Lonely Mountain Named Christmas Mountain. The Reason Why the Mountain is Called Christmas Mountain cause it’s always snowing and Always Christmas on that mountain. But it’s not always a good thing for it to be Christmas and to always be snowing. Not to mention winter all the time. But little Did Eva Know the Source of the Mountain’s Power was slowly draining to the point where it would be Spring soon and the Seasons would be returning to normal. Eva Really Likes Winter and wants it to Stay permanently and forever. Could there be a way to Make Winter Forever? Eva Makes A Friend on Her Journey Named Lizzy To Find the Staff Of Seasons! Will Eva Make it Winter Forever or will Lizzy Help Change Eva’s Mind about Letting Winter go? 

Upcoming Games In the Future:

Episode 3: Killer Dolls

The Group Returns Back After Tony Kills The Zombie King!
You Expect them to catch a break, after all, they been through in Episode 2? Right? Wrong! The Group Comes back to Eva’s Mansion. To see the Eva’s Mansion completely Under Siege By A Magical Force! A Dark Magical Force to be more specific. There can be only one person capable of doing such act! That Person is Woodsworth! Or We Should say Mannequin!  What is Woodsworth Planning and How did he Find Eva’s Mansion so easily. Eva’s Mansion is Suppose to Be Very Well Hidden. The group even sees Jake by the front door Injured by the magic. That’s Right folks! Jake from Episode one returns to help the group to Stop Woodsworth and His Evil Plan to Take over the Mansion. There’s also the fact that Marry reveals her true form and reveals her true intentions to the group. There will only be two Main Endings to This Episode and A lot of  Small Endings For Example: Just leaving the mansion and not doing anything lol…
Also Episode 3 Will Have D.L.C . The D.L.C OF Episode 3 will be the Long Awaited Episode 0

Episode 0 Will Tell The Origins of Eva and How She Became The Vampire Queen and Will it Also Reveal how the Whole fabric of Time and Universes Get Messed up. Did we Mention it will Also Reveal The Origins of How Her Arch Enemies Targeted Eva and Why They Want to Kill her Etc. This Episode Will Explain How Eva Became Vamp (GamerVampires).  This Episode will Go all Out on The Origins Of Legends. Stay Tune 🙂


Episode 4: Fall of The Vampire Queen


Directly After Episode 3! With The knowledge That Vamp never left Eva’s body, Eva and the rest of the group heads to Castle ShadowHold to Make Eva whole again. But it won’t be that easy considering the fact Woodsworth’s henchmen that currently hold Shadowhold under Woodsworth’s Name are on high Alert. But Knowing Eva That Won’t Stop her from getting whole! But for Eva To Complete the getting whole ritual she needs to find Fake Vamp and Demon Vamp that are currently being held as Prisoners? Once She Has them freed she can once again become whole. But What’s this? Woodsworth knew bout the certain catch that will stop Eva Dead in her Tracks! The BloodMoon! Oh Yeah! Did we forget to mention the Blood Moon Is out for four days while Eva is trying to get whole? The Blood Moon has a certain effect on Eva when she gets whole. Leading up to her death by the hands of her trusted Brother and A Dear Friend.

Games That Are Currently Out As Full Games:


Episode 1: Killer Mannequins


Episode 1A: Halloween Special


Episode 1B: The Christmas Special

Wrath of The Vampire Queen Episode 1: Blood Moon Curse